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Перевод слова

Перевод: alien speek alien

чужестранный; иностранный; чужой; чуждый; несвойственный; инородный; пришлый;
чужестранец ; иноземец ; иностранец ; подданный другого государства; чужак


  1. Yet there is no doubt that they have an active, social life, full of real and caring communication, carried on in a language quite alien to our own experience of mind and meaning.
  2. The "splitting off of consciousness", and the alien, critical attitudes which result, help to account for departures from convention which are particularly marked in women's writing at many points throughout the twentieth century, and continue to be as a strong area of postmodernist development.
  3. There is a gap again because I stopped work, suddenly aware that an alien indignation was invading my soul.
  4. His villain is the iambic pentameter, often seen as basic to English poetry, but according to Easthope an alien and bourgeois importation, brought in by Chaucer, to the detriment of the truly native measure of the four-beat-line with a varying number of syllables, found in the old alliterative verse.
  5. labour appeared to have a separate existence from the life of the labourer and thus appeared as an alien object.
  6. In 1930, Helene Deutsch described the syndrome of frigidity t-n a significant group of her patients, women who are "psychically healthy", yet for whom the concept of orgasm was completely alien: "In intercourse they experience a happy and tender sense that they are giving keen pleasure, convinced that coitus is of importance only to the man.
  7. Its presence in the garden, and indeed in this country, appears to be associated with cultivation of an alien shrub.
  8. Identifying one another like fellow nationals grounded amid alien hordes in a foreign airport, they exchanged glances dense with judgement.
  9. The only escape is to be found in the anti-social (the alien within, the heart of darkness) or the extra-terrestrial (the alien expanse without).
  10. Lady Cohen, wife of Lord Justice Cohen, was appointed senior commander in that Force, with the responsibility of recruiting alien women and looking after their welfare.
  11. But the pervasive and insidious presence throughout the novel of manifestations of Quechua culture suggests the ability of that culture not only to survive in an alien environment, but also, as it itself is modified, to exercise an "Indianizing" influence on the country as a whole.
  12. Courtesy and hospitality, it is true, would demand that they pay heed to this alien in his great need but their obligations extend no further than that.
  13. And giant waves are indeed like alien presences, as big as the Death Star, erasing ships and sailors as effectively as Martian ray guns.

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