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Перевод: alchemy speek alchemy



  1. Wrong alchemy?
  2. We can also find answers in the teachings of the Rosicrucians and the pure teachings of the Freemasons, in alchemy and in the symbolism found in mythology.
  3. Image - an every present ingredient to the alchemy of pop - was now reflecting Kylie's transformation from nave to knowing superstar.
  4. Sheldon Krimsky's book stems from this study, but in the light of the other books devoted to this same goal that have appeared over the past five years, it is worth considering what Genetic Alchemy adds to previous efforts.
  5. Genetic alchemy by Sheldon Krimsky, MIT, pp 445. 17.50
  6. CONCOCTING massage oils, fragrant creams and mind bending perfumes is nothing less than alchemy - your humble kitchen will never be the same again!
  7. ALCHEMY R III - full molecular modelling with essential building, docking, fitting, minimisation and multiple 2D and 3D display modes;
  8. The shop boasts half-a-million volumes on everything from alchemy to Zen.
  9. Grand Lodge are appalled by the often-used argument that modern freemasonry was founded by middle-class gentlemen who wanted a secret society to study alchemy and the occult.
  10. Legacy, estate - today's principal activities are alchemy and archaeology.
  11. Similarly, there were practitioners, among both Moslem and Christian, of the "hermetic arts" of alchemy, science and mystical theology.
  12. The narrative begins with ancient technology and continues through Greek science, Islamic and medieval alchemy, Lavoisier and the development of atomic weighs and formulae.
  13. And it is there in his conducting of Debussy's Prlude l'aprs-midi d'un faune , which the English Wagnerian Reginald Goodall once singled out as conducting that managed by some unique alchemy simultaneously to catch a sense of fire and ice, sultry heat and marble calm.

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