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Перевод слова

Перевод: ailment speek ailment

недомогание; страдание; недуг ; нездоровье; болезнь ; заболевание


  1. Already suffering from physical ailment, and surrounded by some marvellous women who took it in turns to look after him in the evening of his life, he was a fount of ideas and vision.
  2. I visited this nasty ailment - the one I have not got - upon Daniel Miller in order to show how the guilt or evil in his mind finds physical expression in and on his body.
  3. He had some minor heart ailment, and then a kidney problem which could probably have been treated.
  4. Dotty concocted alarming potions from the herbs and these she pressed upon her unwilling neighbours and friends if they were unwary enough to admit to any slight ailment in her presence.
  5. Norwich (17th) are without Culverhouse (thigh), Crook, Phillips and Fleck, while Power has a stomach ailment.
  6. Miller had to have an illness which was visible, painful, incurable, distasteful to others and yet not even remotely acceptable as a "status" ailment, such as duodenal ulcers, a disorder rather too fashionable among business executives, mass-communicators, literary agents and other money-grubbing vandals.
  7. Now it becomes a little clearer why, in a young healthy child where "disease" serves its function in its most simple and natural form, it has been observed that the child is more well after an acute ailment has resolved than he was before it started.
  8. There is a misunderstanding abroad that I also suffer from this unpleasant ailment.
  9. Thus, therapy for a particular ailment may specifically be excluded from a policy, whilst surgery would be covered.
  10. In my late forties, I was reaching a very difficult period of my life, for no matter what the ailment I was informed by my doctor and friends, "Don't worry - it's just your age dear.
  11. Neither ailment had been positively identified when she arrived at the Royal and it was decided to transfer her for further investigation.
  12. They were always ready to tell fortunes and if asked, seemed to know a Romany cure for every ailment.
  13. A person who is mentally ill has a temporary ailment, a condition brought about by emotional stress.

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