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Перевод слова

Перевод: aggressive speek aggressive

агрессивный; нападающий; вызывающий; энергичный; настойчивый


  1. Keep a close eye on wild fish, as they tend to be more aggressive than their tank-bred counterparts.
  2. Across the centuries, we have seen the sane rituals of territorial dominance, trials of strength, gang fights, mockery against elders and authorities, and antagonism towards "outsiders" as typical focuses for youthful energy and aggressive mischief.
  3. This gulf is shown most dramatically in the surprise ending, which obliges us to re-evaluate our reading of the novel by revealing that the anonymous, timid and sensitive lad who has been narrating the story of his early life in the first person is none other than Jaguar, the aggressive bully we have seen ruling the roost in the school.
  4. Instead of a placid colony, Large warned, the honey collector could be surprised by an aggressive stinging mass.
  5. Indeed, aggression is one of the most predictable (stable) psychological traits or attributes over the life-span; children who are particularly aggressive at the age of three are also likely to be the children who fight and quarrel most frequently at fourteen and even in early adulthood.
  6. Like the Finnish club who eliminated Giants from the Cup Winners Cup on Tuesday, Reykjavik followed the fundamental principles of playing aggressive defence, making simple passes and taking open shots.
  7. Play can be a testing-out of behaviour (aggressive and sexual behaviour, for example) in the safety of the play context.
  8. In the middle of October 1917 peasants in the guberniia had carried out particularly aggressive seizures of land and timber.
  9. And if anything, this year's follow-up LP "The Southern Harmony Musical Companion" (the title comes from a Hymn book) has proven even more popular, and arguably more aggressive than "Shake Your Money Maker".
  10. Perhaps you deal with conflict by becoming aggressive.
  11. Marketing is by its nature an expansionist, aggressive activity and those concerned with it are constantly seeking to improve their performance by increasing the scale and selectivity of their approaches.
  12. Stay assertive even when you don't feel like it and especially when dealing with a submissive or aggressive person.
  13. If history is any guide, the Bank of England could force overnight money rates up into the 20 to 30 per cent range and ram home the message with aggressive buying of pounds.

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