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Перевод слова

Перевод: admit speek admit

признавать; допускать; соглашаться; впускать; впустить; вмещать; принимать; позволять


  1. Yet judicial scrutiny has been expressly excluded: first by denying the courts the power to question decisions of the Tribunal, and secondly and more importantly by denying the courts the power to refuse to admit evidence obtained as a result of illegal or improper interceptions. (a) The exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal It is a general principle of English law that the decisions of inferior tribunals (such as social security appeal tribunals, industrial tribunals, or immigration appeal tribunals) should be the subject of appeal to the higher courts.
  2. We have to admit that it's a question of generations.
  3. Our concern is rather to break away from the stale confrontation of reason and spontaneity which has persisted since the Romantic Movement, to invite the man of reason to admit that he never has had any ends which did not spring from his own spontaneity, and the intuitive and impulsive that no insight that flashes from theirs can be acknowledged as objective truth until it survives the ruthless justice of reason.
  4. Perhaps in response to this call for negotiations (though that is something that the administration would not admit), Mr Baker is set to make another tour of allied capitals in Europe and the Middle East, during which he would, at the very least, be available for a meeting in Baghdad.
  5. If we were honest we would admit that every family has such a diplomatic problem.
  6. "We must admit that a Syrian withdrawal could provoke many dangers for which no one would want to take responsibility.
  7. I do admit though that I really was looking for someone special!"
  8. It is not so much that the culture of masculine honour is a sublimation of homosexuality,; rather masculine honour repeatedly incites what, heterosexually, it presupposes but cannot admit.
  9. "Well, yes, I must admit," replies management, "that I am making a good thing out of this, the best break we have had for years - you see, my methods of production are so cheap and efficient."
  10. Scientists may be more slipshod than they care to admit about replication and falsification; Broad and Wade do a good job of proving that.
  11. Fr Jin has apparently refused - he is in good health despite his age - and is not prepared to admit to any criminal activity to secure his release.
  12. But I have to admit I become very attached to them and I know it's a fault.
  13. I'll admit it must be thrilling, but like most thrilling sports the downside is a lot of standing around.

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