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Перевод слова

Перевод: addition speek addition

прибавление; сложение; увеличение; добавление; дополнение; добавка ; примесь


  1. In addition, the Partnerships allowed central government a say in previously locally-determined issues.
  2. Shanti and Chris discovered in February that they were expecting a baby, There was tremendous excitement and we all began to look forward to this addition to the family.
  3. In addition, you will find step-by-step directions on how to connect the camcorder to a colour television for playback, and how to operate special functions such as fades and inserts.
  4. For the ultimate addition of oxygen, the wet and dry or trickle filter is king.
  5. "The peak of the lesson was an exercise in mental arithmetic involving very simple addition of halves, quarters and units.
  6. In addition to the competing 23 national (plus Barbarian) teams having an appropriate will to win, there exuded a true rugby camaraderie from amongst the players of a kind that other global rugby events have failed to match.
  7. This time a secretary answered, saying that as her employer "has a large backlog of books to read, he found the addition of another one rather an embarrassment he has passed it to a friend in a London hospital."
  8. In addition, the 1989 MMC Report, conceived as an attack in the public interest on the monopoly power of the major brewers and requiring the "untying" of large chunks of their tied estates, may have devastating consequences for traditional pubs.
  9. In addition, consultancy, training and information, including a new bi-monthly magazine Adviser and a specially developed electronic database - "Lawtel" - are available to all UK CABx.
  10. In addition to developing language ability, the activities in Fanfare help to develop a number of cross-curricular skills, such as logical thinking, manual dexterity, imaginative and artistic skills, awareness of rhythm and music, and strategies for becoming an independent learner.
  11. "In addition to being confident and able to run a company as well as the financial division, they must have a good knowledge and understanding of the company's business, the market, the competitors and be able to maintain a strict sense of control and discipline as well as take a longer-term view in terms of strategy and business development."
  12. It is beyond doubt that the service was meant to be a social institution with aims in addition to those of an economic nature.
  13. The guide also suggests how excavated areas can be made into wildlife havens through the addition of features such as trees, islands and marshy areas.

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