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Перевод слова

Перевод: accuse speek accuse

обвинять; предъявлять обвинение; винить


  1. Moreover, the North American Securities Administration Association has gone so far as to accuse the South Pacific micro-states of Nauru, Vanuatu, Tonga and the Marshall and Northern Mariana Islands of being "international centres of prostitute banking".
  2. When they do, they turn on the person and accuse him or her of being old-fashioned and not accepting them as they are.
  3. Finally, he swore and said she was a bad wife and if another woman of greater warmth came his way, no one could accuse him of adultery in taking her.
  4. To accuse us of thinking we are the only ones interested in peace is to reiterate mindlessly a routine anti-CND slogan.
  5. But Mr Arafat's critics accuse him of acting like a dictator by forcing his wishes on the Palestinian movement.
  6. The Government's earlier reluctance to put its hand in its pocket had led property experts to accuse it of unwittingly aiding and abetting the IRA's efforts to disrupt the City.
  7. His style of writing caused some to accuse him of rationalism.
  8. Preferring attack to defence, he refused to answer charges against him in Parliament, saying instead: "I accuse my accusers".
  9. We have read the various articles which have appeared in the Press over the last few days which accuse us of cheating in the recent Test series against England.
  10. I refer to you editorial in the January Canoeist; here you accuse the Australian government of racism.
  11. Those who accuse Napoleon III of having gone to war on a frivolous pretext, that of siding with the Latin Catholic monks against the Greek Orthodox monks in this dispute, miss the point.
  12. And, without waiting for a reply to his question about whether she gave Morton tacit approval for the book which became the biggest seller in the history of royal publishing, Philip went on to accuse his daughter-in-law of putting the dignity of the Crown at risk.
  13. The accuser of the brethren is always on hand to accuse them of being a failure or out, of the will of God.

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