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Перевод слова

Перевод: accord speek accord

согласие; соглашение; единство; гармония ; договор ; договоренность ; созвучие; соответствие; аккорд ;
предоставлять; жаловать; оказывать; согласовывать; уладить; гармонировать; согласовываться; соответствовать


  1. For example, followers of Islam would regard it as a blatant affront to the omnipotence of Allah/ God that He should be confined within a mortal frame, yet they accord Jesus an important role as a prophet.
  2. He cites "melodramatic", "stagey", "theatrical", "play-acting", "putting on an act", "putting on a performance", "making a scene", "making a spectacle of oneself", "playing to the gallery", and compares the implied hostility of such expressions with the more approving tones of terms derived from the other arts: "harmonious", "symmetrical", "graphic", "shapely", "well-balanced", "poetic", "in accord", "in unison", "in concert", "chime in with", "in tune with".
  3. All these analogies present a picture of God setting the process up (creating), and then effectively sitting back and letting it continue of its own accord.
  4. During our last seven months, as we prepared our recommendations for the secondary stages, the officials of the National Curriculum Council under their Chairman, Duncan Graham, were rewriting the attainment targets for the primary stages, supposedly in accord with the consultation exercise and Mr Baker's own proposals about grammar.
  5. Lebanese cling to remains of accord
  6. Bettelheim and Zelan (1982, p.305) speak of stories that treat children "with dignity and accord them the respect they deserve".
  7. Does Labour really think it is in accord with the spirit of the times?
  8. We were in accord with Jewish law in one respect: that the mother is a dominant factor, in terms of upbringing and influence; and this we can endorse.
  9. According to this theory, initial discrimination training should produce differentiation of the stimuli and the fact that the associations formed during this stage of training do not accord with those likely to be formed during the test phase should be of no consequence.
  10. If so, he is incidentally mad in accord with Kafka's piercing throw-off.
  11. But still her mind looked back, of its own accord, to Lajos, the harpies of the women's magazine, Algox, and it seemed she had always been got at, and "they" were still getting at her.
  12. That score was close enough to justify Scotland's decision to accord the game full international status but it will be a considerable surprise if they fail to win by at least 20 points today.
  13. If no accord is reached by Friday, the directive will die anyway, under a time limit rule.

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