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Перевод слова

Перевод: accelerate speek accelerate

ускорять; разгонять; увеличивать скорость; ускоряться; ускорить


  1. The past was beginning to accelerate, drawing upon what had already been accomplished in its continued drive towards greater complexity, as land surfaces similarly underwent transformation.
  2. As they are marginally faster, the ability to begin fleeing before they have had a chance to accelerate to full speed is crucial.
  3. The fear is that indiscriminate Bt spraying and widespread use of genetically transformed crops that make their own Bt toxin will reduce the product's effectiveness and accelerate the spread of resistant strains.
  4. A push from a simple starter will set them rolling, after which their tractive tyres will accelerate them automatically.
  5. The key to FABMS is the technique whereby atoms, having first been stripped of electrons to allow them to accelerate in a magnetic field, subsequently have their electrons replaced by passing through inert gases.
  6. Mr Beregovoy said that the French government's decision showed "our desire to accelerate economic and monetary union".
  7. He believed that the political commitment existed to ensure that the independent countries of the region would co-operate effectively to reduce their dependence on South Africa, and accelerate economic development; and that such a new grouping could influence decisively the way that offical development assistance was used in the region, and the course of development co-operation in general.
  8. Herrhausen and Mr Reuter wanted to accelerate Daimler's hesitant steps towards diversification, turning it into a huge manufacturing conglomerate capable of leading German industry to a high-tech future and big enough to compete with the giants of American and Japanese industry.
  9. However, as Chapter 7 explains, yield enhancing innovations, particularly concerning cash crops, both tend to exacerbate soil erosion and accelerate differentiation of the peasantry (see Ladejinsky 1969, Griffin 1974; Pearse 1980).
  10. I know that orchestras, when they see a lot of black notes, usually start to accelerate.
  11. In turn this will accelerate the "transformation of life and of the creative process to serve purely human ends, and, as many see it, the end of the natural world."
  12. This view is not convincing given that we all have a latent capacity to develop cancer cells through oncogene gene sectors; exposure to fields might reasonably be supposed to accelerate transmutations.
  13. The North, if it does not accelerate up-market into high-tech areas of design and production, will become lost and stagnant.

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