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Перевод слова

Перевод: abuse speek abuse

брань ; ругань ; оскорбление; злоупотребление; плохое обращение; неправильное употребление; излишество;
оскорблять; ругать; плохо обращаться; поносить; браниться; хулить; честить; злоупотреблять; совращать (малолетних); бесчестить; ругаться


  1. Sexual abuse in the classroom: can't we even trust our teachers with the safety of our children?
  2. In a statement through her lawyer, the psychiatrist said she had developed a unique therapy: the role of "a benevolent mother who would not abuse him".
  3. Those arguments have great force today, as increasing evidence of child sexual abuse within the family comes to that power to lead a daughter into sexual activity from a relatively early age.
  4. My Spanish cracked in the strain and I unleashed a torrent of verbal abuse whose tone he could not mistake.
  5. It would also appear that many of the people who abuse the code of these shelters are not members of the MBA, so contribute nothing to their maintenance.
  6. We can demand respect and an end to abuse.
  7. He began the abuse again.
  8. (Referring to whatever we have been discussing: hooliganism; child abuse; industrial unrest; pollution - whatever has been in the news)
  9. I hauled myself up, shouting abuse at my stupidity.
  10. In the cinema foyer the two old ladies who run the cinema are both dispensing and receiving abuse from all sides as to the quality of the night's offerings, Storm Over the Nile and Voodoo Woman .
  11. "But in the last couple of months we've seen things suddenly boil up - violent attacks, cars damaged, that sort of thing, along with loads of abuse."
  12. Most serious cases of sex abuse are passed on to a unit which is designed for this purpose and has specially trained staff.
  13. He apologised for having failed to assess the extent of corruption and abuse of power.

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