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Перевод слова

Перевод: abort speek abort

иметь выкидыш; выкинуть; преждевременно родить; потерпеть неудачу; остаться недоразвитым; стать бесплодным


  1. Having convinced yourself that you can safely find the "hold" switch and abort an autorotation landing, you should beware of making a habit of this.
  2. "It seems a terrible arrogance to abort a baby because you believe it isn't good enough."
  3. Racehorses, being relatively inbred, are likely to be more compatible, and so more likely to abort.
  4. Whereas those who eschew bearing, or have too often found means to abort it may prove, like your wife, to be barren."
  5. If that government is headed by Mr Gandhi, Mr Gandhi could conveniently decide to abort all elections in Punjab and Assam.
  6. With deep regret he decided that he would have to abort his part of the mission.
  7. For example, racehorses abort all too frequently, which is particularly galling after a large stud fee, but I know of no accurate information about the comparative frequency of abortion of the four types of conceptus (horse, donkey, mule and hinny).
  8. This means that these devices actually allow pregnancies to begin and then abort them, a notion out of line with biblical concepts.
  9. Amazingly, perversely, and rather to her regret (a flat battery would have been a cast-iron excuse to abort the visit) the engine fired.
  10. In November 1914 at the Annual General Meeting, it became clear the Club had to abort some costly schemes and, although not blaming the war, it must have been the cause.
  11. The Tri-star jet was two hours late on take-off from Heathrow, and then had to abort on the runway at lift-off point due to a sudden failure of one of the engines.
  12. All he could remember was that TOWs were shipped at some point; that "the price asked for the military was twelve million two"; that the aircraft could turn round and abort the delivery if the hostages were not released, which he thought was "a most unusual thing"; and that it was definitely not "the Khomeini" with whom he had been doing business.
  13. "I don't understand how people can abort a wanted child.

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