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Перевод слова

Перевод: aboard speek aboard

на борту; на корабль; на корабле; на поезд; на поезде; в вагон; в вагоне; в самолет; в самолете; вдоль;
вдоль; на борту; на борт


  1. Red Indian, "Chief of the Choctaw tribe", an educated man with whom CD had a conversation aboard a steamboat en route for Louisville (Kentucky).
  2. Many of them were students who worked their passage to Liverpool as cattlemen aboard the cattle-steamers before the days of full-scale refrigeration, and used the Liverpool office to cash their generous allowances.
  3. Chivalrous to a fault, the story of his taking only 100 of the 400 he knew to be aboard a stagecoach at Bagshot, on the condition that an attractive lady passenger would dance with him, is authentic.
  4. Launched this week aboard a two-stage Delta rocket from NASA's Western Test Range at Lompoc, California, IRAS has taken nearly 10 years to progress from the drawing board to lift-off.
  5. Cosmonauts blossom aboard Salyut-7
  6. But, for my money, the most heart-wrenching of all was the discovery of the wreck of Nuestra Senora de Atocha, which sank in 1622, dragged to the bottom in a gale by the weight of silver and gold aboard - no less than 17 tons of silver and 500 pounds of gold.
  7. While in Falmouth she was boarded by the crew of the "Recruit", a naval sloop of war, and a press-gang seized various members of her crew, including the unfortunate Jeffrey, who immediately found himself aboard the "Recruit" under a Captain Lake.
  8. Large areas of the beach contained hundreds of German prisoners behind makeshift barbed wire compounds, waiting to go aboard the tank-landing craft, their destination prisoner-of-war camps in England.
  9. The rosaries and crucifixes of four drowned priests, the contraband smuggled aboard, perhaps by a doomed explorer and his soldiers, and a crested silver dish, belonging to a Spanish grandee who perished with his wife and teenage daughter, were all salvaged.
  10. "If Frankie had already signed, then he would have been aboard Musicale today," said Sangster.
  11. While the greening of the electorate was rapidly taken aboard and she was impressed by the fact that acid rain could damage international relations as surely as it did stonework and trees, what caught her imagination were the profound implications of what was happening to the chemistry of the deeper atmosphere.
  12. Born the son of a bank official, he was 23 when he made the five-week voyage to Britain aboard the Northern Star armed with an Auckland University degree to take up his scholarship place at Balliol College, Oxford, in the early 1960s.
  13. When US marine biologist and environmentalist Sam LaBudde worked undercover as a cook aboard a Panamanian tuna boat in 1988, he witnessed the full horror of the dolphin slaughter that frequently accompanies modern tuna fishing operations in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

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