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Перевод слова

Перевод: ability speek ability

способность ; возможность ; умение; дарование; компетенция ; ловкость


  1. I knew why I was famous: I was a good lyric writer and had ability on stage.
  2. He refused to be dogmatic, occasionally wrote a modest puff for a friend, was incapable of brashness, and in judgement of people and books had the ability to suspend belief and disbelief.
  3. What distinguished Alexander Ferguson from the rest of his fellow men was his exceptional ability as a swimmer.
  4. an ability to organize and conduct an interview
  5. development, by informal means and in the course of purposeful activities, of pupils' powers of concentration, grasp of turn-taking, ability to gain and hold the attention of their listeners, and ability to voice disagreement courteously with an opposing point of view.
  6. But the uncertainty over Knighton's ability to raise the cash continued with a bizarre denial from his financial adviser, stockbroking firm Laing Cruickshank, that they had guaranteed the deal to Edwards.
  7. Improving Your Mental Ability
  8. Species with good jumping ability are more able to get out of pits than are species that cannot jump (Rackham, 1982).
  9. Finally, to the extent that political authority is justified by its ability to co-ordinate the activities of large populations, the vindication of its claim to authority over any one individual may depend on its having legitimate authority over the population at large.
  10. The objective of the Commission was that "young people should leave a school with some confidence in their ability to participate in their society, to resolve conflict and, if they oppose a course of action, to express that opposition fairly, effectively and peacefully".
  11. As paragraph 14.12 acknowledges, language competence is dependent on the task: children will show different ability on tasks of different kinds.
  12. With regard to the change to be made in the style of the elevations, I cannot entertain the smallest doubt that an architect of your known talent and ability will find it an easy task to design an elevation in the Italian or Classic style
  13. They were seeking to establish the link between blood temperature and someone's relative mental ability, whereby if you know one you can estimate the other.

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