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Learning English (German, Spanish) language. Program LMBomber.

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LMBomber Prof


Language Memory Bomber - The commercial version of the program for learning foreign languages

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The profession version of the program can synthesize speach.

The commercial version LMBpro has additional possibilities in comparison with LMBomber. The build-in synthesizer of speech allows listening the text in native and foreign languages. It allows you to work and listening words in a background.

Additional possibility of commercial version:
  • There is the "Speech" item for listening any texts
  • You can listening words and transcription in the CARD
  • You can listening current word and translation in the "Exam"
  • There are several professional thematic dictionaries

The commercial version costs only $9.95.

Для жителей России и стран ближнего зарубежья стоимость коммерческой версии снижена до 250 руб. Пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь со способами оплаты.
    For purchase it necessary:
  • Pay the program any way convenient for you. Variants of payment are described here.
  • You will are received a password and URL of www page with commercial version.
  • Need to download and install the speach modules.
  • Choose voices in the menu 'Setting-Options-Speech'

Screenshot of "Speach" item

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