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Learning English (German, Spanish) language. Program LMBomber.

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LMBomber Prof


Language Memory Bomber - learning english, german, spanish languages

This program is designated to help you in

learning foreign languages

by using numerous visual images and distracting methods...

You can download the 15 day trial version from this page or purchase the fully functional version with voice capabilities only for $9.95. Payment Options are described here.

Для жителей России и стран ближнего зарубежья стоимость коммерческой версии снижена до 250 руб. Пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь со способами оплаты.

The following are major features of the program:
  • Learning the every next word by puting the characters together it consists from;
  • Embedded dictionary with search and edit capabilities;
  • Сhecking of right memorizing of the word by choosing from suggested translation variants;
  • Popup screen;
  • 25-th frame effect;
  • Recording with microphone;
  • Customizable fonts for each language and transcription;
  • Thesaurus and popup windows with samples of using words you learn.
  • New! Thesaurus. There are a example of using word from english literature.

Additional possibility of commercial version:
  • There is the "Speech" item for listening any texts
  • You can listening words and transcription in the CARD
  • You can listening current word and translation in the "Exam"
  • There are several professional thematic dictionaries

Upperline word translator

Learner's Cards

New: Bi-directional Pop-Up dictionary

Short description

    On the first bookmark you will compose foreign word and its' translation using picture images. The item's name shown on the picture starts with the same letter as the letter image. Recall your first ABC-book. Letter A is Apple. This is so easy and effective! Otherwise this method would not being used for hundred years. The finally composed word will consist of colorful letters. You look at the color picture and turn you right hemisphere which memorizes colors and objects on. Your brains memorize not just black and white symbols but bright images. After several seconds the program will go to the next word and then consequently through the whole lesson. Using settings you can choose the number of words in each lesson depending on your time, comfort and capability. After leaving the program, next time you log in, you can continue your study exactly from the same point you stopped last time. You also can close the program, and it will pop up after the time interval defined in your settings.

The screenshot of the second bookmark

On the second bookmark you can see the alphabet. You can always use it as a reference if you forgot which letter the picture corresponds to.

The screenshot of the third bookmark

The third bookmark is a dictionary. You can compose the next lesson here, for exhample 20 words you want to memorize ( oh those irregular verbs that always hard to remember!) You can also the default dictionary from the 'Additional Dictionaries' section, or you can load it from the regular text file. Foreign word, the translate and transcription should be divided with a pipe symbol (|) in this case.

The screenshot of the fourth bookmark

The forth bookmark is a exam. You'll have to take the test here. There is a native word on the top and 5 translation options. Clicking the mouse on the word choose the one you think is right. If you get the right answer, the program will take you to the next word, otherwise you have 4 more options. For each right answer 5 points will be accumulated. The word will appear until the sum of the right answers for it exceeds 15. Answering correctly for all the words will bring you to the end of a lesson. You can come back to the previous lesson and repeat it anytime.

The screenshot of the "Statistic" bookmark

The screenshot of the "Game Hangman" bookmark

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