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Перевод слова

Перевод: wrap speek wrap

платок ; шаль ; меховая пелерина; плед ; одеяло; обертка ;
окутывать; закутывать; обертывать; завертывать; заворачивать; упаковывать; сворачивать; складывать


  1. Pick up E wrap stitches.
  2. Wrap tightly in a polythene bag until ready to roll.
  3. Take the yarn under the E position needle next to the knitting so that it will wrap around that needle on the return.
  4. To use it like an Alice band (the Danni and Kylie way), wrap your Flexi Comb around your head and as you push it back it raises the hair in front of it.
  5. An alternative method of weaving which produces "bobbles" is to wrap the weaving yarn before knitting the row.
  6. His first major title - the Strachan Professional - received little publicity, but his 38-minute four-frame coup de grace on Parrott to wrap up a 9-;3 win took him to fifth in the rankings and made anything seem possible.
  7. It's all very complicated and there's a lot of stuff about original "round" core as opposed to the more modern "hex" core, and something about wrap wire being able to move around a round core, and the wrap stretching on tuning and just the core moving through the nut, and the smaller space available for gunk to gather, and a heck of a lot more besides.
  8. But we are given an insight into the limitations of their cognitive capabilities when we observe a spider responding to a vibrating tuning fork by attempting to wrap it up for food.
  9. She looks a bit cold, so I go and fetch the blanket off my bed and wrap it round her shoulders.
  10. Now I think I know why Moslems wrap their women in black from head to toe.
  11. Wrap yourself in cotton wool and you'll find you're in mint condition for events in late November and early December.
  12. Wrap in Clingfilm, refrigiate for 1 hr.
  13. All the difficulties with "wet white" were eliminated in Birmingham where there was an obscure ruling that bare legs were banned (this remained in force as late as the 1950s), so when playing there they were given cotton tights but had to put a penny at the side, wrap a piece of string round it and the tights in order to hold them up.

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