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Перевод слова

Перевод: wear speek wear

ношение; носка ; платье; износ ; изнашивание; истирание; срабатывание; носкость ; одежда ; водослив ; запруда ; плотина ;
быть одетым в; носить; одевать; выглядеть; иметь вид; изнашивать; протирать; пробивать; стирать; размывать; изнашиваться; носиться; утомлять; изнурять; подвигаться; приближаться; срабатываться; запруживать; устраивать плотину; допускать; принимать


  1. He was unconventional - he always used to wear a woolly cap and refused to wear a tie.
  2. She paused and then smiled and said, "They wear rings around their fingers and have ties around their hearts."
  3. It is now compulsory to wear a back protector at most events, and if not, it is still sensible to wear one.
  4. It may sound a bit corny, but ever since I've started to wear my traditional dress to school, I feel so much more comfortable.
  5. "I'd never, ever wear it again!"
  6. Favourable reviews came from Women's Wear Daily , who considered it "a funny, lovely, painfully gentle play that manages - without being fake-sensitive or psychedelically souped up - to understand just the thinking of today's young people".
  7. Her hair was greying, and she refused to wear that seductive perfume he'd bought her, saying it made her feel cheap.
  8. For warm-weather walking, wear light-coloured clothes to reflect the heat and light, and if it is sunny, wear a brimmed hat.
  9. They all look right, are comfortable to wear, feel good to play and sound musical through virtually any sort of amplification.
  10. Moderators still continue to wear the gaiters and lace when there is no rule to say they must.
  11. I want you to wear this."
  12. All flyers should be encouraged to wear a team identity, such as a coloured jacket, cap or sash.
  13. This time the Quakers were not going to wear it.

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