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Перевод слова

Перевод: various speek various

различный; разный; разнообразный; многие; разносторонний


  1. They have walked through this park in different states of mind and various styles of walking and staggering with Iain sometimes crying for no reason and Andrew's face set resolute on the path ahead of him.
  2. It was called "The 40-acre site" and it included "The Club House, the Members" Hill, various "sheds" - workshops - like those of Malcolm Campbell and Dunlop, and part of the banking.
  3. Various types of contract can be devised, ranging from population-based contracts, through block contracts, to cost-per-case contracts, all of which contain their own perverse incentives.
  4. If the Church and secular press is anything to go by, a period of intense lobbying has begun with the various groups and interests within the Church of England backing their preferred candidates, or perhaps as significant, blacking others.
  5. In this chapter we will examine various explanations of why most soil conservation policies do not work.
  6. At the time I was involved in various things at Philips Records and I asked someone if they knew of anyone who could get David out of his contract, and was told that he knew a man called Tony DeFries who was actually not allowed to practise at the bar - he was a consultant, a trouble-shooter, divorce cases.
  7. The Levys had been keen supporters and benefactors of the Trust for many years and had given hundreds of thousands of pounds to various projects in their lifetime.
  8. "The confidential papers I have seen demonstrate that what were called various tax benefits were central to negotiations.
  9. The histories of the various herds are quite complicated but, very broadly, two of the oldest were the Guisborough Priory in Cleveland and the Whalley Abbey in Lancashire, whose stock was said to be derived from the wild white horned cattle of near-by Bowland Forest in the sixteenth century and deliberately bred for the polling factor by the abbot.
  10. whether you have the relevant period of continuous employment to qualify for various statutory entitlements like redundancy pay and unfair dismissal rights;
  11. It seems to invert the hierarchy, apparently renouncing the modernist insistence on difference and originality, and seeking value instead in repetition in its various forms: recombination, refunctioning, pastiche.
  12. As the various censored titles appear (and often re-appear) over the years one reacts with thoughts like "How ridiculous, how silly, how could they!", and "Unbelievable, unacceptable, how could they justify that?".
  13. There are various ways in which the burden of care can be relieved.

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