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Перевод слова

Перевод: unexpected speek unexpected

неожиданный; нежданный; непредвиденный; внезапный


  1. Coleridge's relationship with Sara in these months was developing in unexpected ways.
  2. The inherent resistance of single-ply materials to water, oxidation and ultra-violet radiation means that their optimum physical characteristics are maintained for long periods, accommodating both expected and unexpected movement and loads.
  3. Something unexpected, but almost familiar.
  4. The unexpected death of his elder brother in 1831, followed by the death in Vienna in 1832 of Napoleon I's son, known since 1815 as the Duke de Reichstadt, changed dramatically the position of Louis-Napoleon in the Bonaparte family.
  5. In the light of this and a vivid description of an unexpected home delivery to my husband - we were taking no chances - and I was rushed to the Birmingham Maternity Hospital, with 5 minute contractions, the evening before the 2nd Estimated Day Delivery with what turned out to be a false alarm!
  6. Shaun Taylor lifted the tedium by putting Swindon ahead after 75 minutes, but they were restricted to their 10th away draw of the season four minutes later when Billy Clark headed an unexpected equaliser from Ian Alexander's free-kick.
  7. Once after I had recited at the Guild I was given a pair of woollen gloves, speckled coloured, and with cuffs, which was quite an unexpected treat.
  8. This is so unexpected when it is encountered for the first time that it feels like a deliberate deception.
  9. Tourism is already changing the city in unexpected ways.
  10. This is not unexpected, for it is the third edition of a tome first published 25 years ago and extensively used.
  11. Some unexpected surprises are in store for you whilst walking around the gallery.
  12. In many respects it was a compulsive and unexpected decision which flew in the face of other better offers.
  13. The large increase in unemployment, though regrettable and unexpected, is largely the responsibility of the trade unions for exacting high wage increases and overmanning in the past.

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