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Перевод: underestimate speek underestimate

недооценка ;


  1. And it would be dangerous to underestimate the seriousness of those talks.
  2. I would not wish to underestimate the capabilities of my fellow countrymen for self-deception; but it is difficult to believe that there can be further instalments of the saga which began for the people of Great Britain with the successful revolt of the American colonies.
  3. But Mr Segni says it could be a mistake to underestimate the electoral force of la rete, the "network" Mr Orlando wants to turn into a political party.
  4. A survey of this type, whilst useful to illustrate the extent of the odour problem in England does not, however, give an accurate picture and may even underestimate the problem, as it is apparent that in many cases the public, for various reasons do not complain.
  5. Thus it is not surprising that other people tend to underestimate their abilities and personal qualities.
  6. But they also prove to me that television is capable of handling myth and that, in confining the medium largely to information and ephemeral diversion, we underestimate its aesthetic potential.M.B.
  7. The figures from the United Kingdom, acknowledged as they are to be the most accurate, still underestimate the true incidence of infection.
  8. However, these statistics probably underestimate the extend of middle and upper-class criminality to a much greater extent than they underestimate crime in general.
  9. For example, he believes doctors should not underestimate the "very potent" effect of mind on body.
  10. Interviewed on the French TV channel Antenne 2, Mr Benard conceded that the underestimate of the project's costs "poses really serious problems for us", although he added: "There is no question of stopping work at this time."
  11. The general tendency of this model to overestimate central city population and underestimate around the urban fringe is consistent with the known pattern of change.
  12. No one can underestimate the difficulties implicit in achieving a negotiated settlement.
  13. Robyn almost smiled with relief as she appraised his advancing figure - she already heard herself describing him to Charles or Penny as "a funny little man" - but the strength of his handshake, and the glint in his dark brown eyes, warned her not to underestimate him.

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