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Перевод: talk speek talk

разговор ; беседа ; лекция ; пустой разговор; болтовня ; слухи ; слух ; толки ; предмет разговоров; предмет толков; переговоры ;
разговаривать; беседовать; говорить; поговаривать; переговариваться; связываться; читать лекцию; болтать; говорить пустое; заговорить; распространять слухи; сплетничать


  1. Those that put the burgeoning "utility workwear" talk into the same dumper reserved for "the urban soldier" (head-to-foot camouflage?
  2. talk about the content of information texts.
  3. I am tired of talk that comes to nothing.
  4. I am too upset to talk."
  5. There was talk of building an air-raid shelter for 250,000 people under Hampden Park, and while plans were being made to dig down beneath the city, in another park, Bellahouston, work was far advanced on the tremendous Empire Exhibition and a tower that would rise 300 feet above Bellahouston Hill, 470 feet above sea-level.
  6. Wexford had come to talk business and yet for a moment he could not.
  7. Early in your pregnancy, talk to your doctor, midwife or health visitor about how to prepare for breast feeding.
  8. Talk then centres on the aforementioned "KERRUNCH" sound, which shockingly signals "Creep" 's transition from weary verse to furious chorus.
  9. Now there is talk of a 180,000-strong army.
  10. The water trough can then be a peaceful place where children make social contact with other children and adults and talk of many things.
  11. "Dinna imagine it's the local baby talk," Reid went on.
  12. It is also worthwhile explaining that the recording is intended to capture the child's natural language and that the adults should try to behave as normally as possible and should not make any special efforts to get the child to talk.
  13. "I couldn't talk and realised it was serious.

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