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Перевод слова

Перевод: suburban speek suburban

пригородный; загородный; дачный; ограниченный; провинциальный; узкий; окраинный;
житель пригорода


  1. These were chapels which did not have the coming-and-going of suburban churches where people sought out the latest new preacher or moved on once their income increased.
  2. Suburban commuters, who increasingly formed the bulk of the middle-aged middle classes, were often rather hazy about "the games ethic" and confined the ideal of amateurism to rugby, cricket, or athletics.
  3. It is not unknown for a suburban bureau to have a waiting list of potential volunteers, but in the main staff shortages appear to be a problem equally in suburban and inner-city areas.
  4. Flints containing sponges may be incorporated into younger sediments (they are then known as derived fossils ), and it is not unusual for such flints to be dug up in suburban gardens around London - a long journey from the Cretaceous seas.
  5. Pope Damasus rehabilitated and adorned the burials of the martyrs in Rome's suburban cemeteries: the army of martyrs surrounded the pagan city like a besieging force.
  6. The embarrassing scenes he makes in New York's suburban streets and supermarkets seem at times more real than the enormities of his nightmare past.
  7. The elaborate carving and tiling that clothes most traditional architectural forms; the row of badges and lamps that decorate the grille of an enthusiast's motorcar, the roses and shrubs in front of a suburban house; all act as buffer zones between differing activity spaces.
  8. It was good to know that Elinor would not be breathing this sweet, suburban air for very much longer.
  9. A sentry let us in after looking at the Feldwebel s papers with a torch and we walked up a garden path towards a sort of suburban villa.
  10. For a start, it was not really a country-house at all, rather a monstrosity on the edge of Bletchley town, with suburban dwellings stretching up to the gates.
  11. His manner, as ever, was invested with suburban seemliness.
  12. It was imitative of the suburban golf club but independent and unashamed.
  13. So how has this suburban paradise spawned something like Throwing Muses?

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