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Перевод: stretch speek stretch

вытягивание; растягивание; удлинение; натяжение; натяжка ; напряжение; усилие; протяжение; пространство; простирание; промежуток времени; срок заключения; преувеличение; прогулка ; разминка ; галс курсом бейдевинд;
растягивать; вытягивать; удлинять; тянуть; натянуть; растягиваться; вытягиваться; тянуться; упереться; натягивать; напрягать; натягиваться; напрягаться; простираться; иметь протяжение; допускать натяжки; преувеличивать; превышать; увеличивать; усиливать; подмешивать; разбавлять; повалить; свалить


  1. Does that stretch the common understanding of "symmetry"?.
  2. Dry batteries for fencer units are outrageously expensive, so I have resorted to an old tractor battery, trickle-charged by a windmill made from a bicycle wheel with its dynamo hub: it cost nothing and worked without trouble for a year at a stretch.
  3. It may be true, as some suggest, that working-class budgets would not stretch to paying for the regular use of new birth-control methods but old, tried and cheap techniques might still be used.
  4. Wheatgerm oil has antioxidant properties (because of its high vitamin E content) and will help stretch marks and ageing skin.
  5. Correctly practised such movements ensure that each dancer can perform in many different ways the four vital movements of which the body is capable (the legs may be turned in or out), viz. to bend, stretch, rise and rotate.
  6. Now they were in the home stretch, and Sir Ivor seemed hopelessly hemmed in as the American horses pushed for the wire.
  7. I realise that, if I am accepted, once I have completed my degree I may often have to work for over 80 hours at a stretch during a weekend on call.
  8. Now the Palace Hotel was many, many things, but it wasn't, by any stretch of the imagination, a palace - or, frankly, a hotel.
  9. The legs and knees take a belt - - you are, after all, suffering most of the strains of downhill skiing and for longer at a stretch - but the distance travelled more than makes up for that.
  10. Bremner was a midfield bandit willing to stretch the referee's tolerance to breaking point but football was his personal code of honour.
  11. FRANK WARREN, who manages both Gary Stretch and Chris Pyatt, thinks it unlikely that the two light-middleweights will meet in a world title eliminator.
  12. So don't stretch your budget too far and the interest rate - and your payment - can go up, as well as down.
  13. Alan developed a severe throat infection after swimming in the sea near a polluted stretch of beach.

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