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Перевод слова

Перевод: still speek still

неподвижный; спокойный; тихий; бесшумный; не игристый;
неподвижно; спокойно; до сих пор; по-прежнему; все еще; еще; все же; тем не менее; однако;
тишина ; перегонный куб; безмолвие; рекламный кадр; кадр ; фотоснимок ; дистиллятор ; винокуренный завод; стоячая вода; котел ;
успокаиваться; утихомиривать; успокаивать; утолять; перегонять; дистиллировать; опреснять


  1. Below the farm at Penbank, marked with a sign like that of a public house, the Fairies Hill Lock Cut still exists on the right, formerly taking in Altofts Basin and Fairies Hill Lock.
  2. Unfortunately, the tunnels were still full of gasoline vapour, which was ignited by the gun's muzzle flash.
  3. For, particularly in rural areas, this other world is still very close to the villager.
  4. The action has lasted most of the day and it is now early evening but still light as we have a short sharp skirmish with the enemy rearguard.
  5. Though Rivers gave some slight encouragement to Eliot in suggesting that even in our own society, religious changes have unforeseen and far-reaching effects parallel to those caused by the abolition of head-hunting in Melanesia, Eliot's linking of "cannibal isle" and that "slick place" London goes directly against the main thrust of the book which stresses "the almost immeasurable difference between Melanesian and European cultures, and the sharpness of the line which still divides them where they come in contact".
  6. SD reporters in Lower Franconia referred a few months later to a "tiredness" with ideological "education" among Party members as well as the general public, and remarked that the winning over of those people who still stood aloof from the Party was "still an unsolved problem".
  7. She has had hundreds of letters from adults sexually abused as children saying "keep going, that they wished someone had diagnosed it in their childhood and describing the trauma they still suffer as adults even though to the outside world they are perfectly normal, respectable people.
  8. But it is still apparent that many current "verbal ability tests", together with most papers in Social Studies, Science and General Knowledge are in urgent need of review.
  9. Mr Hunt said of the changes in the poll tax rules for teenagers: "A new wider exemption will apply to all young adults under the age of 20 for so long as they are still at school or in full-time further - though not higher -education."
  10. Judi was still with him, still struggling against the dark.
  11. "My lord," he replies, still with the utmost courtesy, "listen to me; a piece of land worth four hundred shekels of silver, what is that between you and me?
  12. In the days before glasnost - which his fictions may be thought to have rehearsed and predicted, but which could well mean that his fictions will no longer be for the West what they have been so far, when the thing that they deplore was still there in its entirety to be deplored - Kundera was forced into exile in the "free world" of the time.
  13. Noel Wilson's chance on Flap Jack looked dim with two to jump in the Bramham Moor's Restricted, with G Derek still going strongly a dozen lengths ahead.

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