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Перевод слова

Перевод: stair speek stair

ступень ; ступенька


  1. Dundas, West Lothian (1818) was more old-fashioned castellated in its elevations but, in its abandonment of the toplit saloon and stair in favour of a single hall staircase lit by a large window, gave a hint of his future planning.
  2. LOW HOUSE, (National Trust) where there was a spiral stone stair.
  3. She kept a cow, and although there was only water from a well "up top of the garden", this was another spotless house: "she always kept a nice white cloth down over her stair matting, washed and ironed each week.
  4. U.S.A. has Afton (3), Barr, Cumnock, Fenwick, Fullarton, Irvine (2), Kilmarnock, Loudoun (3), Stair and Stevenston (4).
  6. It was shabby but civilised, alive with history but inhabited also by living poets and thinkers who could be found squatting on the slotted metal floors of the stacks, or arguing pleasantly at the turning of the stair.
  7. She went up the stairs two Levels, dodged across a gangpath to another stair and went up that five Levels, and finally, across another gangpath and she leapt for a lift just leaving.
  8. One has an outside stair, the only way to the first floor before an inside stair was built.
  9. Climbing the third stair.
  10. He was content to leave matters there to his Secretary of State for Scotland, Sir John Dalrymple, Master later Earl of Stair, who offered a pardon to all those chiefs who would swear allegiance to the new king by New Year's Day, 1692.
  11. She stepped off the bottom stair onto a carpeted floor.
  12. over the third stair,
  13. At the second turning of the second stair

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