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Перевод: squeeze speek squeeze

сжатие; сжимание; сдавливание; пожатие; объятие; теснота ; давка ; давление; вымогательство; шантаж ; выдавленный сок; выжимки ; оттиск ; затруднение; тяжелое положение; ограничение или стеснение кредита; осадка кровли;
сжимать; сдавливать; стискивать; тискать; давить; сжать; сдавить; выжимать; выжиматься; выдавливать; вынуждать; обременять; вымогать; втискивать; впихивать; протискиваться; делать оттиск; обжимать; уплотнять; прессовать


  1. Blood pressure is the pressure which the heart and arteries apply in order to squeeze the blood around the body.
  2. As the government has ruled out cutting the subscription to CERN, the European centre for particle physics, those statements point to a continuing squeeze on nuclear physics.
  3. Then she buried her face in the warm flank and began to squeeze the teats rhythmically, talking to the cow in an undertone, as Joe did.
  4. After he leave school he had set up some sort of agricultural commune thing, he was always a man like that, saying we were people must make the most of we community skills and thing, but he get squeeze in that farming business and last I hear of him he had gone in the hills and become a guerrilla.
  5. As we slid at speed down the escarpment we took care to avoid nettles and barbed wire, then we'd squeeze between the splintery struts of the Essoldo's picket fence.
  6. Make cross-cuts on top of each potato and squeeze to enlarge cuts.
  7. Trafalgar House's Sir Eric Parker says the tax squeeze on middle income earners could hit house prices.
  8. I did go down to my local Citizens' Advice Bureau to see if they had any ideas, but all they could do was pass on the news that there was a squeeze on the social fund (the emergency payments fund), so I was well advised not to expect too much if I did decide to try the social security people.
  9. After the last rise in base rates, all sources of advice to the Chancellor do seem to have taken the view through the summer that the squeeze was working.
  10. Keeping the legs straight, squeeze them together 25 times, holding each squeeze for 1 second.
  11. And it stays put, not only because it's in a tight squeeze, but because the microscopic sliced-through cells all around the cork's perimeter act as an army of suction pads.
  12. Using each hand alternately, take hold of the flesh with the whole palm of your hand and fingers, pull away from the bone and squeeze as if you were kneading dough.
  13. Squeeze over some lemon juice.

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