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Перевод слова

Перевод: spoil speek spoil

добыча ; трофей ; награбленное добро; прибыль или выгода, полученная благодаря высокому положению; антикварная вещь, приобретенная с трудом; пустая порода; вынутый грунт;
портить; баловать; портиться; перепортить; грабить; отбирать


  1. The Welbeck reclamation and landfill project proposes to divert 2km of the River Calder from Kirkthorpe weir to Stanley Ferry to run alongside the Aire Calder Navigation (p 31) with a new weir above Stanley Ferry although hydraulic considerations could be handled with a series of riffles in the rock-lined river channel, The site will have landscaping, washlands, mineral extraction and disposal of 1,000,000t of colliery spoil, power station waste ash, sewage sludge and domestic refuse to serve a large area for many years.
  2. And then an old woman who was standing at her door said, Go in a lucky minute, and make spoil of whatever you wish.
  3. Nobody was killed by a panicked deer or a stray arrow to spoil her happiness.
  4. Remove leaves that won't spoil the shape of the plant.
  5. Describing what he does with certain scenes - Neeson's torture and the destruction of his lab, a helicopter chase across a city skyline - would spoil their visionary kinetics and sheer comic surprise.
  6. "Don't cry, you'll spoil your beautiful new label."
  7. While the tannery try to sort out the best hides before they're sent, these flaws cannot be helped, so Klondyke cut round them, since otherwise the scar might eventually open up and spoil or even split the strap.
  8. Euro Disneyland's railway station, provided by the French government, was closed yesterday by a strike called by rail unions to spoil the big day.
  9. Mike Barlow, who has a tourist business in Kyleakin, opposes the bridge because it would spoil the island's "magic".
  10. The kids helped me pile up the slabs and we "borrowed" a barrow from the house-renovators next door to transport the broken humps of concrete, via some wobbly ramps, to a spoil heap up the garden.
  11. And when ye have won the fight, and the Moors are discomfited, ye may spoil the field at pleasure.
  12. Families are everywhere, the kids' faces shining with excitement, no obscene chanting or vomiting hooligans to spoil their delight.
  13. I started getting confused halfway through, but I was determined not to ask anyone else I didn't want another negative response to spoil the childlike happiness that the policeman's courtesy had brought to my otherwise unrewarding day.

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