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Перевод слова

Перевод: sole speek sole

единственный; исключительный; уединенный; одинокий; не состоящий в браке;
подошва ; ступня ; подметка ; подошва обуви; подошва этажа; нижняя часть; основание; фундамент ; пята ; лежень ; морской язык; камбала ; палтус ;
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  1. A small limited company which is run by a husband and wife, who are the sole directors, runs a car which to all intents and purposes is a delivery vehicle.
  2. Later, Dunlop was to claim that the payment related to another transaction; he said that by then he was sole owner of the animal and therefore not due to pay Kilpatrick a share of the fees.
  3. To be certain, he kicked Trent twice on the sole of his right boot.
  4. Yet despite this trend away from leaving sole jurisdiction with administrative tribunals, the Interception of Communications Act 1985 not only contains an exclusion clause to prevent review of the decisions of the Tribunal, but it contains one of unprecedented scope.
  5. As it was an England put-in, the referee was on the opposite side to Messrs. Sole and Probyn.
  6. Alongside the body shop is a shed containing a machine for straightening sole bars and other long members of frames and grinding machine for surfacing sole bars and headstocks.
  7. Taken aback by the interruption, Jiang hesitated before continuing with his speech, in which he criticised the United States, describing it as the sole superpower in the post-Cold War era.
  8. However, s 382B is significant in that it allows the sole member to conduct members' business informally without notice or minutes.
  9. This implies a decline in the role of the school as the sole agent of the delivery of education, and the emergence of new organisational entities nourished by partnerships.
  10. The county chairman Brian Walsh said: "We have a very full agenda for our scheduled meeting on October 26 so it was decided to meet on the 10th with cricket as the sole topic of discussion."
  11. Price: 54 Material: Water resistant leather, techniflex inner sole and Skywalk sole.
  12. Sole practitioner John Patrick O'Donnell was committed for trial to Southwark Crown Court at a hearing at Horseferry Magistrates Court last month.
  13. Estate agents will now have to give consumers more information, with specific requirements to write to clients informing them of services they intend to offer to prospective purchasers, and to explain in writing terms such as "sole agency", "ready, willing and able", and "sole selling rights".

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