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Перевод слова

Перевод: sneak speek sneak

трус ; подлец ; воришка ; ябеда ; фискал ; доносчик ; незаметный уход; предварительный просмотр фильма;
красться; делать что-л. украдкой; делать тайком; ябедничать; фискалить; доносить; украсть; стащить


  1. A rare sneak preview of summer in the city, ice-cream regency houses linked with solid tree silhouettes against a sky as blue as blue.
  2. Amstrad Plc's Personal Digital Assistant due for launch on Thursday sounds like a pretty hot property: the Daily Mail has had a sneak preview, and says that it is a 300 device that fits a jacket pocket with a pen-enabled screen on which the user can write notes and draw pictures that can be dumped onto a personal computer - "looks good, feels good and is very clever" says the guy that saw it.
  3. Old Fishfinger is a regular visitor to the PFK offices, from which he occasionally manages to sneak away with a few reader's queries.
  4. My father did in fact sneak up to see me a few days later.
  5. Outrage as charges are increased in "sneak" new move
  6. At this year's Wimbledon, Henri Leconte and Gut Forget gave us a sneak preview of the Autumn "Roland Garros" ensemble - a matching tracksuit, short, shirt and jersey in dominant white with a green double stripe running through.
  7. At five, Maura knew that if she wanted to be a part of their games she had to sit and watch quietly, otherwise they would sneak out of the garden leaving her alone.
  8. Woman-centred feminists' idealization of femininity makes their work on subjectivity inflexible and socially limited, and allows traditional ideas about gender to sneak back in.
  9. THIS RECORD is the sound of a band trying to sneak out of the house without us noticing.
  10. Treachery from a party gearing up below White Slab - only to sneak onto Great/Bow ahead of the queue.
  11. Turn to page 45 for a sneak preview of the cover.
  12. Then she knew that she needed not to sneak out by the convenient back exit, but to leave through the front entrance, trusting its outrageous, ostentatious vulgarity to reassure and comfort her.
  13. I think it's going to sneak into each set of young people in each country.

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