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Перевод слова

Перевод: slippery speek slippery

скользкий; увертливый; ненадежный; беспринципный


  1. The Americans go for the "slippery when wet" floors and it's amazing how often floors can get wet!
  2. But the boy was too quick, too sweat-wet slippery he could not gain a purchase: use his weight.
  3. Mark my words, a few slippery leaves, or later on some snow and ice, and I shall have some old people in my surgery with sprains and breaks.
  4. The slippery slope
  5. It was slippery, worn to the chalk, and the drop to the bay was deadly.
  6. The nut is made from Wilkaloid, a substance that it is even more slippery than graphite and a closely guarded industry secret.
  7. We had a rain gauge and an anemometer for wind speeds - no more guess work with the wet finger held aloft - and, Thank God, no more slippery ladders to the roof.
  8. I picked up the jar which was slippery on the outside from dripped paint and, screwing its lid on, dropped it with the brush into a plastic bag before stowing it again in my pouch.
  9. It takes a slippery road to make the Volvo wag its tail; over-exuberance with the throttle otherwise does nothing more than make the inside rear wheel spin the power away.
  10. "Meaning" is a slippery term, since it can cover both sense and reference.
  11. "Slippery as a dose of rhubarb.
  12. It was expected that identifying and resurfacing slippery roads would reduce skidding accidents by 1800 a year.
  13. A new Skywalk sole with an environmentally-friendly cleat pattern gives a good grip even on slippery rocks.

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