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Перевод слова

Перевод: silly speek silly

неразумный; слабоумный; глупый; глуповатый; простой; бесхитростный; безобидный;
глупыш ; несмышленыш ; дурак


  1. Words and phrases in common usage, such as "mutton dressed as lamb", "dirty old man", "silly old woman", "old fogies", "old ducks", "old biddy", "old codger", "old dears" and "old folk" all conjure up images which leave little doubt about the nature and experience of old age.
  2. I picked up that silly, mincing girl from the Post Office.
  3. "I've wanted to do a marathon for a long time, but it would be silly to run one without putting it to use.
  4. "I'm not allowed to say too much about the FA decision, but it does seem a silly time to play the game.
  5. Since Tokyo, Pedrosa explains that Mota has undergone numerous tests to try to find the cause of what he describes as "that silly pain".
  6. But it is this silly attitude towards using appropriate tackle that is the main factor contributing to the barbel's demand for increasingly smaller hooks.
  7. One musician asserts that "it's silly for us to look at overseas models"; another wonders "if Australians understand what their own musical traditions are".
  8. Thus could a parent make a fairly reasonable answer which would acknowledge that the child is not silly, and has a perfect right to be treated in an adult way when he asks a serious question.
  9. "Don't be silly.
  10. Catriona liked having someone to trade silly remarks with at the staff table, and to say "safe home" when she walked back to her bedsitter after the evening shift.
  11. They'd cry their eyes out if they heard even a whisper of this silly talk."
  12. In the past, Chelsea teams have not been so disciplined, and have given away silly goals.
  13. Why do all coin-ops have such damned silly plots?

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