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Перевод слова

Перевод: sidewalk speek sidewalk

пешеходная дорожка; тротуар


  1. If you don't like the way I drive, stay off the sidewalk - car sticker
  2. People were afraid of me - they would see me coming and move off the sidewalk and into the street.
  3. The sleeves drooped over my hands and the hem scraped the sidewalk.
  4. Charles Lane's first feature, "Sidewalk Stories", was a silent black-and-white film shot on the cold streets of New York during two weeks in February, when Mr Lane's actor friends had no other work.
  5. He put his case on the sidewalk and paid the driver, then he looked over his shoulder.
  6. I began the standard evade and ignore manoeuvre I use to get by sidewalk solicitors, but I was almost stopped by the message on the sign facing the building: Don't freeze nuclear weapons, destroy them with beam weapons ."
  7. The desire to capture had driven him like a wild man through the school yard, up the sidewalk, everywhere.
  8. A couple of apples rolled onto the sidewalk.
  9. In Los Angeles, for show-bizzery, there are the Theatre Book Shop at 6658, Hollywood Boulevard, and Book City, across the street at 6627, just a couple of blocks from the star-encrusted sidewalk by Mann's Chinese Theatre.
  10. Opening the door, pulling it shut behind her, shifting the suitcase and jacket to either hand, and running, running, running, down the hill, the pulse in her forehead pounding as hard as her sneakered feet pounded the sidewalk.
  11. "Sam had brought a couple of trucks of water melons in and stacked them on the sidewalk.
  12. Scrambling to his feet, he tripped again as he half-crawled, half-ran down the sidewalk.
  13. "I saw the girl lying on the sidewalk with blood gushing from her head.

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