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Перевод слова

Перевод: shout speek shout

громкий крик; крик ; окрик ; возглас ; чья-либо очередь платить;
кричать; гаркать; накричать; покрикивать; прикрикивать; покричать; гомонить; звать; угощать всю компанию


  1. "Don't shout, but don't whisper, either."
  2. Another time my friend and I were in bed, I heard the woman shout, "Are the two ladies in bed yet?" 'Yes, Ma," was the reply.
  3. A sudden shout made her look to one side.
  4. It is a rather uncharacteristic work, scored fr the unusual combination of two violins and double bass, which like Mozart's Musical Joke , pokes gentle fun at badly played dance music, and even includes a section where the players are instructed to shout at the beats of the bar!
  5. His voice was raised to a shout, "You don't make the money at Rafferty's Bar for youse to dress like lords and drive a car."
  6. I skate down the road a bit before I shout at cops - or anyone that was giving me some shit.
  7. Just as you say to a small child, "Keep on the path," rather than "Don't go on the road, or Please can you talk more quietly," not "Don't shout!" so it is necessary to seek out what is good in any situation.
  8. "Shout for Tony!"
  9. At the same moment, Jinny heard Doyle shout, "What are you waiting for?"
  10. He got the name Egg and chips twice' because, each time he came through the door of the caf with his girlfriend, he would shout to the caf owner, "Bert, egg and chips twice."
  11. "Hey lads," he would shout as he pushed his head through the door, "Did I tell you about the cover from "What Difference"?
  12. The people's "shouting with a great shout" or "raising a great shout" (Josh.
  13. He often wondered what they did in there that made them scream and shout as they ran out.

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