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Перевод: shiver speek shiver

дрожь ; трепет ; содрогание; дрожание; осколок ; обломок ; сланец ; шифер ;
дрожать; вздрагивать; трястись; трепетать; знобить; ежиться; разбивать вдребезги; разбиваться вдребезги


  1. The damp wind blowing in at the open door made him shiver and he went to wake the others.
  2. That time she'd told me how lonely and abandoned she felt when she was with her husband, those confessional words, "lonely and abandoned", which usually would have me cringing all over the place, made me shiver.
  3. Some like a little shiver
  4. I was never going to be a replacement for his wife, just a diversion, and I hope that, if he thinks of me at all, it is with the same shiver of half-remembered pleasure with which I think of him.
  5. He still had the window open, though it made him shiver.
  6. Ginnie gave a shiver.
  7. Despite his fear, George felt a tiny shiver of excitement.
  8. Shiver
  9. The knowledge that he was being followed sent a shiver of excitement through him, quickly followed by a flash of the old bravado, which had more than once, in the past, bordered on the foolhardy.
  10. It is a phrase which often brings a gentle shiver of recognition - as though it is a truth we had always known but had long forgotten; a truth concealed within our own hearts.
  11. He gave a sudden shiver and his horse, sensitive to the rider's mood, stepped crablike towards the paving where a couple of chimney-boys were squatting on a doorstep.
  12. His chauvinism and arrogance sent a shiver up my spine."
  13. I felt a touch of the sinister that rules so many of the islands; there was no reason to shiver in that warm spot, but I did, and experienced a slight sense of embarrassment, as though I had been intruding, thinking perhaps not of Tiare but of the great love all those years ago which had produced her: forty years ago when the water was cascading over the same cliff in just the same way as it had today, Princess Tiare's mother and her lover had bathed in the same secret pool and later, perhaps, made love in the cave behind.

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