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Перевод: shear speek shear

ножницы ; стрижка ; срез ; сдвиг ; срезывающая сила; вертикальный вруб; временная стрела [мор.] ;
стричь овец; настричь; выстригать; резать; срез`ать; рассекать; рубить; лишать чего-л.; обдирать как липку; делать вертикальный вруб


  1. Areas of extensive hydrothermal alteration in high level intrusives of the west and central Scottish granites have been investigated for gold mineralisation especially in, or near, shear zones.
  2. Shear bliss for six-hit Blackburn
  3. It is clear that all resistance to shearing has vanished by the time that the atoms are balanced on top of each other, which will occur when the whole material has been distorted in shear through an angle of 30.
  4. Investigators confirmed yesterday that the crash was caused by wind shear - an unexpected gust near ground level.
  5. The cracks are caused by shear failure and according to Bell and Gough 1981 would result in a break-out elongating in the minimum horizontal stress direction."
  6. He was strung between a character which threatened to spoil his opportunity and an opportunity which threatened to shear away his character.
  7. Poisson's Ratio is computed from the ratio of compressional velocity to shear velocity obtained from the analysis of waveforms recorded with the Long Spaced Sonic Tool or Digital Sonic Tool.
  8. However, these congruences are in different planes from the congruences on which the two wave components propagate, and for which the contraction and shear clearly become unbounded as .
  9. The noise of homecoming shear waters beggars description: strangled gurglings, croupy gas pings, weird cacklings, raucous howlings; shear water bedlam is indescribable.
  10. The main spar booms and other main structural members were sizable pieces of laminated wood, several inches square, and were generally boxed in on three sides by the plywood skin and shear webs.
  11. My Warwick is currently being serviced by a luthier in Holbury who tells me that the truss rod needs replacing because it is beginning to shear.
  12. Proteins tend to coagulate and form large particles when heated, but this is controlled using a high shear process (intensive blending).
  13. The research also supports the need for a shear wall down the centre of buildings: it absorbed 85 per cent of the initial lateral force of the earthquake.

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