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Перевод слова

Перевод: several speek several

каждый; отдельный; особый; некоторые;
некоторое количество;


  1. They lay there together for several minutes gasping and perspiring.
  2. Although they might claim to generate 74 per cent of their own revenues (see Playing by Numbers (2) , pages 12 to 14), and in several cases have become commercially adept, it should not be overlooked that TCCB distributions to the counties, totalling 6.4 million in 1991, is income of the highest quality.
  3. Taking several samples of firedamp in glass bottles, Sir Humphry returned to London telling Buddle, "I think I can do something for you".
  4. Indeed several graduates have done exceptionally well in Livewire after completing the GEP.
  5. Sam spent the next morning poking his broom everywhere it was wanted and a few places it wasn't until he had swept up several titbits of very interesting information.
  6. In return they will be allowed to raise prices by several per cent more than competitors who have not signed the government convention.
  7. The principal family, Coker, were well-known Parliamentarians and several members were senior officers in the Cromwellian forces.
  8. According to one account, by the time it hit Villequier, it was a wall of water several metres high moving at fifteen miles per hour.
  9. The IUCN is seeking funds for several vital programmes aimed at safeguarding these rare and fascinating creatures.
  10. The PFA urged players not to sign new contracts until this principle was accepted and several of the leading sides such as Manchester United and Newcastle United, where Colin Veitch's energetic organization and articulate socialism briefly seems to have radicalized the players, went on strike.
  11. "What?" cried the great dragon, his deep brass-gonged voice ringing out and causing several of the gems to tinkle off the jade pagoda.
  12. Since then programmes have been launched to help secure the future of other endangered breeds in co-ordinated schemes involving several national and regional organisations, with the backing of public funds.
  13. Several touring sides are having to play each other because there is no Cornish opposition to play, and we've had great difficulty in finding referees.

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