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Перевод слова

Перевод: sedate speek sedate

степенный; уравновешенный; спокойный; чинный


  1. Pharaoh : (rather heavy and sedate).
  2. Up until the moment he was jilted by Rigby, Gedge had lived a fairly sedate and straightforward life.
  3. Likewise, bergamot and geranium can either sedate or stimulate according to the needs of the individual - a phenomenon totally alien to a synthetic or chemical drug.
  4. Three colours: saturated powder blue, sedate grey and matt white
  5. There are moments when the performance appears to lack urgency - the opening of the finale is rather sedate, and the middle section of the Allegretto does not quite capture the "will o" the wisp" character intended by the composer.
  6. It was acquired in 1381 by Duke Gian Galeazzo Visconti, an intellectual who has been described as "a sedate but crafty ruler with a great love of order and precision".
  7. He moved from St James's Hall to a large, sedate house in Lime Grove, and swiftly converted it into a combination of a commercial office, a factory and a school of physical culture.
  8. And I suggested to him that I sedate him, essentially put him under general anaesthesia with morphine, and let nature take its course.
  9. Figures like Lord Bonham-Carter, appointed to his most public post, as chairman of the Race Relations Board, by the Labour Home Secretary, Roy Jenkins, and reappointed by both his Conservative successors, Robert Carr and Reginald Maudling, was committed to a more sedate, centrist approach.
  10. Whether yours is a family garden which has to sustain the rigorous attentions of children, a more sedate garden for entertaining al fresco, or a small city garden with little room for more than a couple of raised flowers beds, a patio can give your home and lifestyle a whole new dimension.
  11. Business was carried on at a rather more sedate pace, lunches were longer and boozier and I was far, far happier.
  12. Some are slow, sedate affairs where the player must hesitate and ponder after every move, while others see you hurtling along with little time to catch your breath - let alone scratch your head!
  13. Those who imagined that Napoleon III and his consort lived in a sort of perpetual Bacchanal would have been sadly disappointed by the reality, for off stage their life-style was as sedate as that of Victoria and Albert.

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