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Перевод слова

Перевод: repeat speek repeat

повторение; то, что повторяется; исполнение на бис; повторение радиопрограммы или телепередачи; студент-второгодник ; реприза ; знак повторения;
повторять; воспроизводиться; говорить наизусть; репетировать; рассказывать; передавать; повторяться; неоднократно повторяться; вновь встречаться; незаконно голосовать на выборах несколько раз; отрыгиваться


  1. Repeat 30 times, holding each repetition for 1 second.
  2. Change and repeat with the other leg in front.
  3. But towards the end of the second or fourth repeat he made some small alteration in the ports de bras so that the dancer could move easily into the next sentence.
  4. But there must be a danger that style will triumph over substance and that Artrageous! will repeat some of The Late Show's shortcomings, and end up looking as though more thought has gone into the studio design than the content of the items.
  5. It may also include instructions to observe particularly unusual sources; to repeat collection of data that have been lost or spoilt in some way; or to take corrective actions based on data already received.
  6. When someone gives you some information, try to repeat it to yourself in the same way it was given to you.
  7. Largely unprotected and little understood, these populations of small whales need immediate investigation and protection if we aren't to repeat the dreadful and potentially catastrophic mistakes we've already made with large whales.
  8. Repeat 35 times, holding each contraction for 1 second.
  9. I say "echoed", as all history does repeat itself.
  10. Repeat using as much of the flesh as possible.
  11. It is indicative, too, when a mistle thrush changes his tune, forgets to repeat his challenging spring song and slips down self-consciously into the lower boughs of a larch to all but whisper a softer, lazier, persuasive serenade.
  12. Roll over and repeat on the other side.
  13. Some writers on cyclical theories explicitly held out the hope that, although the world was in decline, the wheel would turn again so that eventually another Golden Age would repeat the idyllic conditions of the remote past.

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