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Перевод слова

Перевод: relieve speek relieve

облегчать; ослаблять; уменьшать; успокаивать; оказывать помощь; выручать; деблокировать; снимать осаду; сменять; освобождать; освобождать от должности; увольнять; вносить разнообразие; оживлять; разрядить; делать рельефным; быть рельефным; выступать


  1. To relieve anxiety about funeral costs, we will introduce a funeral payment of 600, available on request.
  2. So seeking "the cause" of cancer is not the only route to finding drugs which will relieve or cure it.
  3. The Government are confident that this defence plan, while helping to relieve the strain on the economy, will produce compact all-regular forces of the highest quality, armed and organized on the most up-to-date lines.
  4. LORD Mayor Treloar College, Froyle, are to benefit from a battery powered device which helps relieve pain.
  5. worker input: day care transport 3 1-;7 days main meal preparation or help with eating 1 1 or 2 visits per week or fortnight to relieve informal carer 6 1-;7 evenings per week to ensure client safe and prepared for night 1
  6. By supplementary help we refer to cases where either support worker help was provided temporarily, to relieve in unusual circumstances, or support workers were employed with a client on average no more than one hour a day, seven days a week.
  7. Finally we floated out on to the porch to admire the lawns and burnished trees, before driving back to relieve pent-up Kodiak of his anxiety.
  8. Nevertheless, Zambia slouched into hir showercub as if going to relieve hirself, only partially closing the door.
  9. De La Rue's sale of the Crosfield Electronics printing equipment business did not relieve it of other losses in advanced security equipment and in spite of the new cash surplus, the interim results are grisly.
  10. She writes to relieve Freemantle's fears for the success of her publication:
  11. This year's card would relieve the monotony.
  12. Such vigour and severity helped to relieve the financial problems created by Henry III's improvidence, but it also increased the hostility of barons and people against the Forest system, and against the personal government of Henry III himself.
  13. In many cases, as where the persons entitled are not of age, or not yet in existence, or not to be found, an executor or administrator will have to retain the property in his hands for a considerable time, though he may sometimes relieve himself by a payment or transfer into court, and in any case he can obtain the direction of the courts when doubts arise as to the proper course which he should take.

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