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Перевод: recovery speek recovery

возврат ; выздоровление; реконвалесценция ; исцеление; оздоровление; возмещение; восстановление; возвращение в исходное положение; извлечение; добывание; добыча ; регенерация ; утилизация ; упругая деформация; вывод самолета из штопора


  1. Remember that recovery is a slow but continuing process, and that there is no doubt that the patient will improve, provided he does not have any major setbacks.
  2. He believed house prices - the key to recovery in the market - would firm by the end of the year.
  3. The Prime Minister, for example, writing in Action for Cities in 1988 argued that "the Government has created a climate which supports enterprise and has set about removing obstacles in the way of inner city recovery (HMSO, 1988a, p. 2).
  4. A government with the people and the policies to get Britain working again and to achieve sustained recovery - strength with staying power .
  6. As despair grew and self respect diminished we would take them at their unspoken word and go and buy a bottle of anaesthetic and uncork the genie who would play merry hell with the last vestige of hope of recovery.
  7. Such stimulus could wipe out any recovery, he argued, by reviving longer term rates.
  8. The Midlands' shop stewards knew it was only a question of time before the strike affected supplies to their own plants and those in the South, jeopardising the recovery plan which had been producing such vast improvements in performance.
  9. Following studies by Eastern Region's engineers, a new tracklaying strategy was introduced in 1987 whereby - with the use of a new machine called the Dynamic Track Stabiliser - tracks could be handed back by 06.00 on Monday morning at the full 125mph line speed, eliminating the need for a temporary speed restriction and associated recovery time allowance.
  10. By having an attack of the infectious disease the body is stimulated to produce appropriate antibodies not only to assist recovery but also to provide a sufficient quantity to remain in the blood for a longer period, sometimes throughout life, for example after an attack of rubella
  11. If height permits, I then like to make a series of stalls using large amounts of rudder and handing over control for a quick recovery, moving the stick forward and using normal stick and rudder together to bring the wings level.
  12. But TV star Leslie has amazed experts with his speedy recovery in the two months since the accident.
  13. But there is some question of a pathogenic secret, of the recovery of material hitherto repressed which influenced his perception of his mother: and his understanding of the past would certainly appear to have been enlarged by his researches.

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