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Перевод: record speek record

запись ; записывание; письменное упоминание; регистрация ; учет ; документ ; официальный документ; отчет ; официальный отчет; протокол ; письменное производство по делу; материалы судебного дела; факты ; данные ; характеристика ; портрет ; документ, дающий право на владение; рекорд ; звукозапись ; запись на граммофонной пластинке; граммофонная пластинка; памятник ; летопись ; рассказ о событиях;
записывать; протоколировать; заносить в список; заносить в протокол; регистрировать; записывать на пленку; записывать на пластинку; увековечивать; свидетельствовать


  1. Its programmable remote control enables you to operate all the key features such as Slow Motion, Tape Eject, Play and REcord, and allow you to set the timer to record as many as eight of your favourite programmes from the comfort of your armchair.
  2. (His record stood only until the 1988-;9 season, when Martin Pipe trained the winners of 208 races, but at a lower strike rate of 37 per cent.)
  3. These are often owned and run by record companies.
  4. At this point, the limitations of the database were realised, ie whenever information was received from, or transferred to, more than one system component, it was necessary to add one additional record to the database for each source/destination.
  5. His spell in Italian football was a disaster and he eagerly accepted the chance to join Manchester United for a record fee of 115,000.
  6. The new system uses bulky counter-top computer terminals, installed in a selection of shops, to monitor record sales.
  7. Was this because of governmental housing policy or a poor employment record on the part of the bread-winner of the family?
  8. Lord Alexander told MPs that inspectors should record where facts are in dispute, whatever their own views.
  9. A RECORD sponsorship deal of 500,000 for fringe theatre, dance and music companies was announced yesterday.
  10. Now SaverPlus 2001 allows you to benefit from this profitable record from as little as 10 per month.
  11. These limits were originally set by phonographic performance Limited, representing the record companies, and the Musicians' Union, to safeguard the viability of commercial recordings.)
  12. What should I make a record of?
  13. According to C. F. C. Beeson, the earliest European record of a clock with a mechanical escapement is that of 1283 in the Annals of Dunstable Priory in Bedfordshire.

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