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Перевод слова

Перевод: rather speek rather

лучше; скорее; охотнее; предпочтительнее; правильнее; до некоторой степени; довольно; несколько; пожалуй; слегка; вернее; конечно, да


  1. Seemann in Leipzig still has a rather small list of new issues, but fills an important gap at last with the completely revised catalogue of the displayed works in the Gemldegalerie Dresden alter Meister to celebrate the re-opening of the Zwinger in December after extensive restoration.
  2. This leads some adherents of psychoanalysis, especially those of a Lacanian disposition, to regard sexual difference - or rather hetero/sexual difference as it should really be called - as both tragic and heroic.
  3. He - well, he seems to have rather a low opinion of the Pentagon."
  4. Small droplets are spun out by rotary discs rather than being forced through a nozzle,
  5. At M.I. London you are in an environment conducive to progress, with the emphasis very much on performing with new-found skills in an active hands-on situation, rather than remaining a bedroom virtuoso.
  6. She tried, but was not pleased with what came out, with the stilted words: - I have been unwell though not of anything infectious but rather a serious lowering of the spirits which I struggle to overcome.
  7. This method is designed to recognise profits as they accrue rather than only when they emerge as cash surpluses released from the life funds, as happens now.
  8. In New York they were called an hour before the show opened, and once they had done their face make-up, they only had to put on tights rather than spend a long time carefully using wet white, which gave them longer to gossip.
  9. Rather than have his son and his wife Anne endure the desert country, he found them a rented villa in Malta.
  10. The whole enterprise is carried through with panache and - apart from the fact that it clocks in at a rather miserly total of only 52 minutes - the disc can be thoroughly recommended to anyone who wants a well-chosen selection of GS numbers.
  11. It is, rather, a mature market that is in decline.
  12. Some letters, however, suggest that Leapor was rather dilatory, and may not have done much work in the winter.
  13. It may also be noted that if this method is employed then the first number chosen should be by random means rather than just "saying a number between 1 and 10" since it is well known that choices between these limits do not come out anything like randomly - the number 7 being particularly popular.

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