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Перевод слова

Перевод: print speek print

ситцевый; печатный;
след ; отпечаток ; оттиск ; шрифт ; печать ; печатание; печатное издание; газета ; выпуск ; штамп ; гравюра ; эстамп ; набивная ткань; ситец ;
печатать; пис`ать печатными буквами; отпечатывать; запечатлевать; отпечатываться; набивать; напечатать; отпечатать


  1. I am unaware of any biography in print, and it was for this reason that I wrote this brief account of the life of a truly great man of God.
  2. Take extra care when signing any financial arrangements by making sure you read them through closely, including the small print.
  3. They continued to keep the book in print and supply it.
  4. "You couldn't print my personal opinion of them.
  5. By the same token the cinema industry in America, which has dominated the twentieth century and contributed more than any other force to the primacy of the visual image, does also create new audiences for books which are sold as "the book of the film" despite their having been in print as classics for many years.
  6. In Birmingham, the dealers have gathered for the 11th British Antiques Fair (Thursday to the following Wednesday), while over the Border, there is still time to catch Pen Panting's second one-man show, at the Glasgow Print Studio.
  7. The long, sometimes violent, dispute with the print unions over the relocation of The Times plant at Wapping marked a notable step both in the new financial and technological independence of the press and its ideological separateness from the union-corporate approach of the past.
  9. And marvel (if Channel 4 has secured a good print) at nephew Claude Renoir's colour photography - assertively scarlet and cobalt for the players, decoratively pastel for the court.
  10. The clashes in January 1987 followed the sacking of print workers by Mr Murdoch's newspaper group when it moved to its new print plant at Wapping, east London.
  11. Perhaps it's not the kind of humour that transfers well to paper - try explaining Reeves's hero, Tommy Cooper, in print.
  12. Sometimes string makers print the tension of their strings on the packets, but it doesn't actually mean that much.
  13. Households and private firms can only increase their spending by using their savings or by borrowing - they are not in the position of being able to raise taxes or to print money for themselves.

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