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Перевод: pressure speek pressure

давление; сжатие; стискивание; воздействие; нажим ; нажатие; затруднительные обстоятельства; стесненность ; гнет ; напор ; атмосферное давление; прессование; вдавливание; напряжение; отпечаток


  1. capitalism is continually promoting the tendency to develop production quickly on the one hand and to depress the wage on the other (pressure of the reserve army of the unemployed).
  2. The scenario reads: pressure on living standards added to general contempt for the regime leads to massive strikes which cause the economy to nosedive and popular discontent to boil over.
  3. It seems likely that in every case, perhaps after much agonizing, they succumbed to the decision to ban News International publications: to do otherwise would have risked contractual misconduct, strong moral and political pressure from both colleagues and employers, and ultimately, probably, dismissal.
  4. It was not until 1982 that, partly under pressure from the IMF, rates were finally raised.
  5. The pressure to marry young went along with a renewed convention of pre-marital chastity.
  6. As news filtered through from Bombay last night of a city paralysed by strikes and tourists stranded at the City's airport by stone-throwing mobs rampaging through the streets, pressure for the tour to be called off is growing.
  7. Spray early in the day, using a pressure sprayer directed under the foliage.
  8. Under a court ruling, Pastor Tokes was to be shifted east after pressure was put on church elders who acceded to the regime's order to move the troublesome clergyman away from the town.
  9. On small tokamak experiments, we look for several developments: continuous operation of a toroidal discharge probably by driving the current in the discharge other than through induction; a proper understanding of the relationship between the plasma's internal magnetic pressure and that of the confinement system; completion of the work on divertor systems and ways of exhausting spent fuel from the plasma; and the development of more efficient ways of heating the plasma and in-depth understanding of the confinement physics.
  10. Chelsea College, which is under strong pressure to merge with one of the larger colleges, does not appear in the list, even though it has a strong electronics department.
  11. Higher prices from any of the above sources put upward pressure on pay; higher pay deals then lead to a further round of prices rises and so it goes on.
  12. Large quantities of gas may be involved in the eruption of basaltic lavas; when the lava is below ground, the gas is kept in solution in the molten rock, when the pressure on the lava is reduced the gases come out of solution and bubbles form, just as they do when a bottle of champagne is opened.
  13. They should seek to organise the maximum number of people at local level to bring pressure to bear on local authorities, on Stormont, but particularly on Westminster.

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