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Перевод слова

Перевод: practice speek practice

практический; учебный;
практика ; применение; осуществление на практике; умение; опыт ; обычай ; привычка ; установленный порядок; тренировка ; упражнение; учебная боевая стрельба; деятельность ; происки ; интриги ;
практиковать; практиковаться; заниматься; осуществлять; применять


  1. The pages of unfilled job advertisements for psychogeriatricians in the British Medical Journal testifies to this, as does the increasing practice of splitting these posts into two areas of responsibility - part-time psychogeriatrics and part-time work with younger people - in order to made them more attractive.
  2. Relaxation of the rules regarding the form of business organisation through which architects in private practice are able to offer their services may bring about structural change in terms of type of organisation and also size of practice.
  3. In practice the phenothiazines and lithium proved to be of great importance in managing schizophrenia and mania, respectively, and in helping to restore many patients to everyday life.
  4. The two coxes are well above average, Probert having considerable Tideway experience, while Elizabeth Chick, the third woman to steer for Oxford, has also impressed in practice.
  5. In practice, of course, he does nothing of the sort.
  6. I would argue that this careful planning of activities is already the current practice of many teachers.
  7. Of the five who reported that their practice had not altered, three said they already gave high priority to involving all the relevant people.
  8. Offences relating to the operation of aircraft, ships, and railways have not been prominent in the practice of English criminal law.
  9. Old-established festive customs, in which sports mixed with eating, dancing, and drinking according to the traditions of the Church and agricultural practice, were gradually eroded.
  10. If punishment is assimilated into the probation glossary it will inevitably influence the sort of practice the Service undertakes.
  11. Veronica Forrest-Thomson - a brilliant though unstable poet and critic, who died tragically young in 1975 - referred in a review to the work of Barthes, Foucault, and Derrida "which has led to a literary revolution in France and will lead - at last - to revolution in our theory and practice of literature in this country."
  12. This points to a significant disharmony between the rhetoric of schooling and the practice.
  13. In practice, of course, there may be additional obstacles in obtaining either the screening facilities or planning for the abortion.

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