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Перевод: point speek point

точка ; деление шкалы; румб ; место; пункт ; станция ; момент ; очко; балл ; единица продовольственной или промтоварной карточки; вопрос ; дело; главное; суть ; смысл ; соль ; особенность ; достоинство; преимущество; статья ; экстерьер ; кончик ; острие; острый конец; наконечник ; редька [мор.] ; мыс ; выступающая морская коса; вершина горы; гравировальная игла; игла гравера; игла ; резец ; перо или остряк; стрелочный перевод; стрелка ; ответвление оленьего рога; стойка ; шнурок с наконечником; головной дозор; тыльный дозор; вид кружева; цель ;
указать; указывать; показывать пальцем; наводить; направлять; прицеливаться; целиться; наставить; быть направленным; свидетельствовать; заточить; заострить; наточить; точить; чинить; оживлять; придавать остроту; острить; говорить; делать стойку; расшивать швы; ставить знаки препинания


  1. While all the studies used for this paper do not attain this ideal, the effort to articulate material that is not readily available through more conventional studies of workers' images of society, for instance, may serve to make some point in the social landscape between the "centres" of workers' and managers' worlds and that of social scientists.
  2. One personal recollection confirms this point aptly.
  3. Plot each point carefully, using a symbol such as a cross; if more than one point lands on the same spot, you could plot the number of points represented (i.e. the numeral 2 if two points are superimposed).
  4. "did loiter (or solicit)" Two police officers will keep observations for prostitutes and to prove this point their evidence should contain words to the effect that "the accused walked slowly up and down High Street five times stopping and talking to several men.
  5. His father was dying, and he himself on the very point of becoming chief of Clan Gillian.
  6. Illustrating the point, a colleague of one of the present authors once administered a battery of overinclusion (thought disorder) tests to a group of local artists.
  7. Two miles away at its closest point, the North Sea annually gnaws five or six ft from the clay coastline.
  8. Her clothes became a sore point.
  9. During the summer NAM successfully renegotiated a new fifty year lease on their site - no point truing to cement their future with a display hall if someone was going to move not just the goalposts but the pitch.
  10. To wire an ivy leaf, push half a length of wire through the back of the central vein, one third down from the point of the leaf.
  11. Energetically, he found, walking is analogous to a pendulum which falls, gaining speed from gravity, and rided up past its low point on the gained kinetic energy.
  12. As if to prove the point, some of those crying nepotism loudest are themselves close members of the family.
  13. Advertisers also point out the hypocrisy of barring sponsored programmes when sports coverage is awash with branding.

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