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Перевод слова

Перевод: placate speek placate

умиротворять; успокаивать; утихомиривать


  1. It is still less likely to placate the soldiers who backed the failed uprising of December 3rd.
  2. If he had, she hoped her gift would placate him.
  3. That had seemed enough to placate the deputies, who are living in fear of a referendum being called on dissolving the Congress and depriving them of their privileged status.
  4. Part of the reason behind the payments is to placate high earners, some of whom are asking to be moved to overseas branches of their companies to avoid higher taxes.
  5. But Labour was shaken to the core by a passionate battle for the deputy leadership (a post originally created to placate Herbert Morrison after 1951) between Denis Healey and Tony Benn.
  6. Her activities were at first regarded with suspicion by headmistresses of local schools, so, to placate those who did not outright forbid their pupils to attend, she described her lessons as rhythmic exercises to music.
  7. The DUP view was that the ban was intended to placate the Dublin government.
  8. Hence their need for a human companion to placate the natives on their arrival.
  9. We may surely placate the shade of Max Beerbohm sufficiently to acknowledge that the danger we run in approaching poetry this way is indeed the danger of one sort of professionalism - specialized and therefore blinkered, inflexible, and humourless.
  10. As BR discovered however, it is essential to give maintenance crews skiing lessons to cope with mountaintop transmitters in winter, and placate Irish TV viewers whose screens suddenly go fuzzy.
  11. We do not believe that it is necessary to placate God in such a way.
  12. Mr de Klerk, so eager to placate Margaret Thatcher and international opinion generally, was saying, between the lines: "Look, I know you're asking for Mandela's release.
  13. Zbo did his best to placate her, telling her that Modigliani often behaved oddly; in the end he went out to telephone the hospitals and the police stations.

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