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Перевод слова

Перевод: often speek often

часто; много раз; зачастую


  1. Men often "raise questions, and multiply disputes, which never coming to any clear resolution, are proper only to continue and increase their doubts, and to confirm them at last in perfect scepticism".
  2. Questions about perceptions were framed in terms of awareness rather than approval, though the partisan nature of the answers often betrayed a lack of objectivity.
  3. "Rural development has often appeared to consist of little more than the creation of as many plans, programmes, projects, rural centres, and special development agencies as possible.
  4. Photographs are often shown of the slimmer before and after the diet, and indeed, the marvellous effects are there for us all to see.
  5. In NATO, Britain is certainly committed to common aims, and defence policy must often be cleared with NATO allies first.
  6. In the previous section we have seen how public figures often write about themselves for a variety of reasons - one of which could just be straight-forward self-centredness.
  7. The rights of presentation to livings in the Church of England, known as advowsons, which are often in the hands of laymen, are also regarded as interests in land.
  8. The parish school was usually small and relied on one teacher, whose small house was often part of the school buildings.
  9. Architects inspired by Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin thought of their architecture in terms of "morality and truthfulness", which often Produced a stalwart solidity in their houses.
  10. Mummy often read to us before we went to bed, "William" stories were our favourite and hers.
  11. Political agents in the UK often refer to their candidate as "an unfortunate necessity".
  12. To walk into a pub function room as I have often done during the ten years I was collecting fieldnotes and see two or three hundred detectives in their "uniform" of modern suit and tie, neat haircut, and the fashionable moustache of the times, is to be visibly reminded that there is a narrow symbolic range of bodily correctness within which all policemen can properly operate.
  13. Sheets are usually 300mm (12in) square, and are often sold in packs of five or 10; the best way of estimating quantities is to work out the area to be covered, and to divide that by the coverage figure given on the pack, which will tell you how many packs to buy.

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