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Перевод слова

Перевод: near speek near

близкий; тесно связанный; ближайший; близлежащий; ближний; прямой; кратчайший; сходный; доставшийся с трудом; трудный; скупой; прижимистый; мелочный; левый; кропотливый; приблизительно правильный;
близко; почти; около; поблизости; недалеко; близ; подле; чуть не; едва не;
к; у; около; близ; возле;
приближаться; подходить


  1. See Suttons Seeds' trial grounds at Ippleden, near Newton Abbot, Devon on their open days: August 30 and 31, 9.30an-4.30pm.
  2. He farms about 440ha (1100 acres) at Budby between Nottingham and Sheffield and in Netherthorpe, near Worksop, Notts.
  3. You're ver near outa S.T.s in the ladies, Queenie.
  4. Berwick was the principal trading city of Scotland in the thirteenth century; but when King Alexander III fell from his horse near Kinghorn in Fife, on 19 March 1286, Scotland, without an obvious heir to the throne, fell also: into a 300-year nightmare of almost continual conflict with England.
  5. Dimity's knitting had been hastily put aside when she answered the door, and decorated a low table near the fire.
  6. Hospital emergency wards were struggling to cope with the injured as radio announcers read lists of victims and broadcast anguished appeals from those who had not heard from relatives in the area near the explosion.
  7. Glasser's prose is sometimes declamatory and sententious in an old-fashioned sort of way, and sometimes awkward ("Hidden in the near future, he was to be proved right").
  8. Cullam's voice came dangerously near a sob.
  9. From The Childhood , and even more from some conversations I recorded with the poet's second cousin (T. Trehame Thomas) in 1966-;7, there are hints that Mrs Thomas's family proudly preserved the memory of Alderman Townsend and his descendants: the Tedmans at a vicarage in Much Birch, near Hereford; another great-uncle at Limpley Stoke near Bath with an interest in the development of Edward's French grammar; and many more who had either been abroad and returned to moderate affluence in the Border counties (according to Mr T. T. Thomas's recollections) or had settled abroad in Africa or in the USA, like Edward's aunt Margaret.
  10. William and Dorothy Wordsworth arrived at Racedown Lodge one midnight near the end of September 1795, and were to remain tenants there for almost two years.
  11. The furnace pond still survives and is about 200 yards east of Oxenhall Church, near the remains of the Hereford and Gloucester Canal.
  12. The studios are good for those wanting to be near the town but in a quiet spot.
  13. The first Phoenix Fire Station was built in Old Cockspur Street, near Trafalgar Square, west London, in 1794.

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