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Перевод слова

Перевод: native speek native

родной; прирожденный; отечественный; местный; туземный; чистый; самородный; первичный; натуральный; неизменившийся; естественный; неподдельный; врожденный; природный; аборигенный; простой; нативный;
уроженец ; туземец ; местное растение или животное; дикарь


  1. An ancient Celtic type which, with its spreading "handlebar" horns and long, thick, shaggy coat, epitomises Scotland for the tourist, the Highland is indeed representative of Scotland's native type of cattle.
  2. For it became increasingly obvious that it did not, as had been intended, miraculously detect native intelligence in children however uneducated, but, on the contrary, was strongly biased in favour of middle-class children who had larger vocabularies than their working-class contemporaries, and who were in any case accustomed to tests and examinations.
  3. There are hidden recesses, mature native woodlands, a tree-fringed river of great charm and many other surprises - narrow lanes between fragrant hedgerows, pleasant secluded paths and a scattering of isolated and attractive farmsteads, all enclosed by colourful hills and unfrequented by the weekend tourists.
  4. What is clear, however, is that the early European colonists entered a land in which native Americans had already influenced forest character (section 4.4.2).
  5. Thus, though Lugard could not avoid committing himself, in principle, to providing a Western education (that notorious producer of disrespect) to Africans who desired it, he hoped that a system could be devised which would render them "efficient, loyal, reliable and contented - a race of self-respecting native gentlemen".
  6. Consider a fish in its native environment be it lake, river or ocean, feeding almost constantly throughout the day/night cycle (species dependant).
  7. Which prompts me to wonder, what is the correct term for a native of Maidstone.
  8. One of his more successful campaigns, fought intermittently throughout his Lieutenant-Governorship, was to keep technical officers from the medical, educational, agricultural and public works departments of the central government from enjoying any independent access to the native administrations.
  9. Allegedly, I read somewhere that the killing of native American Indians was the biggest genocide in world history.
  10. THE European Commission is a greater threat to the Lake District's native hill sheep, the Herdwick, than a cruel winter on the high fells ever could be, according to farmers in the area.
  11. The Water Hyacinth is not native only to Central America - it has a worldwide distribution.
  12. The Woodland Trust is dedicated to protecting one of the most important features of Britain's heritage - our native broadleaved woodland.
  13. Naturally, given its native climate, it performs best in the warmer, sunnier parts of Britain but is surprisingly hardy and, once established, not easily, deterred.

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